About MagicChairs



  I've been working with wood since I was a kid under the guidance of my father who was a jack of all trades and built boats, remodeled our home and more.  Upon his passing, I have inherited his tools and since the early 90's have begun to develop woodworking skills as a hobby.  I've built many indoor pieces, remodeled our homes and more.

  After several years of windsurfing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina I would chill out in those famous OBX Adirondack Chairs.  A fellow windsurfing friend built some of those chairs and was nice enough to lend me his patterns. (THANK YOU JIM!)  My first chair was made from scrap wood off my front porch.  It was ugly but comfortable!  My wife sat in it and said "Make me one!"  That's where it all began!  Since then, I've developed a personal design style and thought I'd share photos with friends. The next thing I know I've got orders!

  Those first orders of chairs were made from standard PT lumber you get at the big box stores.  One day, a customer requested a set made of cypress.  I was shocked at the retail board-foot prices, but didn't give up.   After many weeks of searching online, I found a supplier who is able to package & sell cypress to me at a price just above the box stores but well worth it.

  I do wish to thank each and every customer who purchased from me!  I hope I met or exceeded your expectations.  I also thank those customers who made special requests!  Those challenges have helped me hone my skills  and expand the product line.  

I hope to hear from you!  I'm ready to build you a custom set also.  If you have any questions about how I can set you up with an order, please submit an inquiry on the contact page.

Thanks & God Bless!!!



Building the A3 Firepit / Porch Chair (2019)

Here is my latest video upload showing you how I build the A3 series Chairs - as if each one were my own.

Building the A3R (2016)

  In this video, I show you how I build the A3R Series Rocker...  This video was done in 2016 and I've improved some of the processes and mounting techniques since.  On other designs, parts may differ, but the concept is the same.  Check it out!